Odour Removal

-  How to get rid of smoke odour ?
-  How to get rid of pet odour ?

We can help you with that and much more !

Bad odours can be caused by many things and if not treated properly can seem impossible to get rid of but thankfully this is not the case.

We are able to offer you an extremely effective solution to this problem by using a method known as Thermal or Dry Fogging.
The process uses a specialist solution which is heated and then atomised creating a mist/fog that can reach all areas and porous surfaces.

This fog then bonds itself to the odour causing particles on a molecular level and neutralises them leaving you with an odour free environment. As the process uses a dry fog it will not damage moisture sensitive surfaces.

Cleaning of your carpets and soft furnishings in conjunction with the thermal fogging process is recommended for complete peace of mind. Below are just a few situations that can benefit from this process.

-   Cannabis Odour Removal
-   Cooking Odour Removal
-   Cigarette Smoke Odour Removal
-   End Of Tenancy Cleaning
-   Musty Odour Removal
-   Pet Odour Removal
-   Smoke Odour Removal
-   Trauma Odour Removal
Odour Removal


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