Upholstery Cleaning

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services  Using a hot water extraction process that is  also commonly referred to as steam cleaning.

Your items will be cleaned using the latest twin vacuum heated cleaning equipment. Using a unique carbonating cleaning solution that unlike shampoo or DIY methods will not leave any sticky residues behind. In turn prolonging the life and appearance of your upholstery. 

The process begins with a pre inspection and thorough vacuum of your items to remove dry soiling.

Once the fibre type of your upholstery has been determined the correct pre spray will be  applied. This will then be agitated and allowed to dwell in order to emulsify soiling ready for removal.

Soiling will then be extracted away using our powerful extraction unit combined with a neutralising rinse solution.

Your items will then be towelled off. Followed by  grooming where necessary.

We also will use professional air movers to speed up the drying process when required and practical to do so.

Dry cleaning or low moisture hand cleaning methods can also be offered for non wet cleanable furniture or where fibre type dictates.

Your technicians have many years of experience, are fully insured and offer a fantastic level of customer service backed up by our 5 star reviews and satisfaction guarantee.


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