Hard Floor Cleaning Crowthorne

• Are your floors looking dull?
• Has it become difficult to clean?
• Can you remember the original colour of your grout lines?

Here at Cobra Cleaning we recognise that any hard floor installation whether it be Ceramic Tile, Stone, Amtico or Karndean is one of the largest investments you will make for your home or business premises.

We also recognise that over time these floors can suffer a lot of wear and soiling from busy family life and heavy traffic. with this in mind we are here to help you restore your floors to their former glory.

Professional Hard Floor Cleaning Service Near You
Years of mopping and sweeping can take its toll even forcing soiling into floors and grout lines of Ceramic Tile & Stone or pitted surfaces such as Non-Slip and Safety Flooring, Allowing for bacteria to grow and making them difficult and frustrating to clean.

Our process will break down this soiling that has built up over time. Enabling it to be thoroughly rinsed and extracted away leaving you with truly clean and hygienically clean floors.

Natural Tile & Stone Sealing
Most tile & stone floors are not sealed when installed as they need time to cure. However sealing is essential for protecting and maintaining their appearance. Unfortunately this leaves the tile & grout vulnerable to soiling and spills as natural stone is a porous material.

Once thoroughly cleaned we can apply an impregnating breathable sealer. This process will protect your floors and make them easier to keep clean. Unlike topical or DIY sealers this will not peel or flake and still allows the stone & grout to breathe while creating a durable stain barrier.

Honing &  Diamond Polishing
This service is a process of polishing natural stone floors to restore the factory finish. This process involves passing several grades of diamond abrasives over the floor to first remove imperfections such as light scratches or etching from spillages.

Moving up in grades until the original gloss and desired finish has been achieved for your floors. This is followed by an impregnating sealer to protect the surface.

Floor types we can help you with 
- Amtico / Karndean Cleaning
- Altro / Safety floor Cleaning
- Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning 
- Flagstone Floor Cleaning 
- Limestone Floor Cleaning 
- Luxury Vinyl Tile Cleaning
- Marble Cleaning 
- Porcelain Tile Cleaning 
- Quarry Tile Cleaning
- Slate Floor Cleaning 
- Terracotta Floor Tile Cleaning 
- Terrazzo Floor Cleaning 
- Travertine Floor Cleaning   
- Victorian Tile Cleaning 
- Vinyl Floor Cleaning  

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